Are your products suitable for children?

Kiddos love our products, and we have gotten very positive feedback from many parents over our six years in business. We do not recommend our products for kids under the age of 3 and recommend that children are supervised, especially with our toy surprise products. We do not recommend any of our essential oil products such as shower steamers for children. 

Where can I find a list of your ingredients?

You can find our ingredients listed in each of the individual product pages,  you can also contact us directly. 


Where are you located?

We are a small, home-based business located in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. We do not have a store-front.


How do I place a custom order?

We specialize in custom orders! Whether you are looking for party favours or a gift basket we can help you out!!! To learn more please contact us!

*** Notes

1.We generally require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for party favors.   

2. We cut-off party favor orders during November and December due to being our busiest season, please place custom orders for these months by the end of October. 

3. Party favor orders may be subject to minimum quantity requirements.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free? 

We are proud to offer vegan and cruelty free products. Scenter Stage has never, and will never purchase from any supplier who we know to test their products on animals or participate in any kind of cruelty towards animals. - Jacyntha Owner and Vegan for 10 years. 

What about the environment?

We do our best to be environmentally responsible, this includes through the sourcing of our ingredients, and in using biodegradable shrink wrap. As a cosmetics manufacturer in Canada we are compliant in only using biodegradable glitter. 

Can you donate to my fundraiser?

We love to donate products to local fundraisers, but we do have a yearly and monthly cap. Please reach out to learn more. We prioritize fundraisers from repeat customers, and those who are in support of animals. 

Additionally, we run several campaigns a year, and make personal donations to Regina Cat Rescue. 

Are your products 100% natural?

We do our best to keep our ingredients as natural as we can, however we cannot call them 100% natural as they do contain a very small amount of synthetic ingredients in the dyes and fragrances. 

Are your products Gluten Free?

Although our base ingredients are gluten free, we do purchase dyes and fragrances from suppliers that are not officially marketed as gluten free. 

Myself, or the person I am purchasing for has allergies, are your products suitable ?

Due to the nature of our small, home-based business, we work in a space that is shared. We cannot 100% guarantee that our products are free of allergens due to this we do not recommend our products for those with allergies, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Myself, or the person I am purchasing for has sensitive skin, are your products suitable?

We cannot 100% guarantee that our products won't cause skin irritation - there are soooo many skin conditions - for example I (Jacyntha Owner) suffer with seasonal Keratosis Pilaris bumps). That said, we have had a lot of reviews from folks who say that they can use our products despite sensitivities (or that their children with sensitivities can). Feel free to contact us directly to discuss sensitivity concerns further. 

Do your products stain the tub?

Our products feature bright, bath bomb approved water-soluble dyes, these will not stain your tub providing it is clean / no soap build up and is not old and cracked. 

Do you ship?

We currently offer shipping throughout Canada, due to differing cosmetics regulations from country to country we are unable to ship internationally at this time. 


Do you offer delivery?

At this time we are not offering local delivery, we used to, but due to an increase in sales and being mainly a one-person show, we needed to make the difficult decision to stop. That said, we are human, if you have transportation/ mobility issues just send us a message, we are often happy to try to help out when we are doing errands in your area. 

I want a product that is not currently in stock, can you help?

Yes we can, just contact us to make a request. As long as we have that specific fragrance / mold / carry that product line, we will mark down your request on our to-make list. If it is a product that isn't like to sell - for example a Christmas scent in the middle of July - we may ask that you make a minimum quantity purchase. Please be fair with these requests as they may take time. 

Do you do "make your own Bath Bomb" parties?

Not at this time, making Bath Bombs can be a bit of a touchy craft when it comes to weather conditions and humidity levels. We also do not have an ample staff to go out and do these. But you never know what the future holds.

Do you offer Wholesale options?

Not generally, but please contact us to discuss further. 

I own a store and would love to carry your products, how do I go about doing this?

At this time we have products at:

Farmer John's - In Emerald Park, Saskatchewan

This keeps us busy with keeping them stocked so we aren't actively looking for additional stores. That said, feel free to contact us to discuss further. 

How do I become a brand ambassador? I am an "influencer" and would like to feature you products can you send me some freebies?

We are grateful that so many of our customer friends take the time to send us photos and videos to use for our advertising, we have always reimbursed them for these. At this time we are not looking for brand ambassadors or influencers. 

Do you do tradeshows or markets?

We do occasionally do tradeshows and markets, not on a regular basis however. If you have a tradeshow or market that you think we should check out let us know.