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VIB "Very Important Bather" Yearly Membership!!!

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We see you! You are that customer friend that we view as a VIB "Very Important Bather"! You are the one to put in an order on a regular basis, you are always recommending us to friends and family members and even gifting them our products. You are the one we rely on when so many other customer friends disappear during the summer months, you don't realize it, but you keep our small business alive with each and every order you place!!!  So we want to reward you by offering our VIB Membership! 


1. Receive a $5.00 Digital Gift Card on the first of each month *** In the event that we are unable to honor the $5.00 Gift Card due to illness or business closure (unlikely), we will reimburse you for any remaining months.

2. Receive a Surprise Gift during your Birthday Month! *** In the event that we are unable to honor the Birthday Gift due to illness or business closure (unlikely) you will be reimbursed $10.00 plus applicable taxes.

3. Receive 2 "spend $25.00+ and save 15% (some restrictions apply) discount codes to share with friends or family"

4. You will automatically be entered into any draws that we do - excludes those that are collaborations with other businesses and / or markets (for example draws for free tradeshow tickets)

5. You will receive early access, priority purchasing on new and high demand products!